Zeki Müren Hotline | Interactive Documentary


Zeki Müren Hotline is a telephone hotline and an interactive web experience that collects and curates everyday people’s messages to/about Turkey’s beloved queer pop star. Callers participate in a collective meditation on and around Müren, often expressing nostalgia for the deceased icon and Turkey’s bygone days. Since its launch in 2016, hundreds of messages have been left to the hotline. The interactive web experience features a selection from these messages and provides a unique repository for Turkey’s collective memory and cultural history.

*Premiere: 2016 IDFA DocLab

Directors: Beyza Boyacioglu & Jeff Soyk

Producer: Beyza Boyacioglu

Web Design: Jeff Soyk

Web Developer: Can Usta

Co-producer & Vojo Project Manager: Sasha Costanza-Chock

Vojo Developer and Support: Research Action Design

Identity Design: Hayrettin Gunc


2018 Read My World, (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

2017 RIDM, UXDocs (Montreal, Canada)

2017 !f Istanbul, Tomorrow (Istanbul, Turkey)

2017 SVA Gallery (New York, USA)

2016 IDFA, DocLab (Amsterdam, Netherlands) **World Premiere & Nominated for Digital Storytelling Award

2016 Freiburger Film Forum (Freiburg, Germany)