BBC - The Recipe Book | Web Series

Supervising Editor

Created and produced by Beyza Boyacioglu for BBC Reel, "The Recipe Book" series explores handwritten family recipe books that are passed down through generations, preserving secret recipes and family traditions.

The Cake That Survived WWII (Above)

Director: Danya Abt

In 1938, Arthur Abt fled Nazi Germany and settled into a Jewish community in Kansas City. As he built a new life in America, he preserved his German identity – by baking. His 80-year-old recipe book holds his secrets into baking and living as an immigrant.

The Recipe That United a Family

Director: Shiho Fukada & Keith Bedford

Hideko Suzuki, 67, has had a handwritten cookbook for 46 years. She created it as a senior in a high school cooking class, a mandatory requirement for Japanese girls back then to teach them the skills to become homemakers.

The English Tea Room That Spans Three Continents

Director: Sana Malik

Go to Polk County, Florida and eat at the town’s iconic British tea room. For 30 years, an immigrant family from Pakistan has run this popular tea room that comes to life with antique lace, curated china and a mother’s beloved recipes.