Me Time | Narrative Trailer


Me Time is a feminist comedy that follows a black woman named Deborah, who is wound up after a hectic work day and is thinking about how to decompress. One part of her inner psyche, Sexy Deb, appears and tries to bully her into going out to a bar for a hook-up. Soulful Deb comes in, lights some incense, and suggests Deb try some self care stroking. But then Scaredy Deb shows up and whines that she just wants Deb to eat cereal and watch Gilmore Girls. After some debate, all the aspects of Deborah’s inner psyche finally rally together to get-it-on solo. Things seem to be going well until Scaredy Deb questions aloud if they've ever truly had an orgasm, which undermines every aspect of the Debs and threatens to derail their whole plan. Working through past trauma, and fondly rehashing their more promiscuous years, the Debs work together to break through their personal limitations around self-care and sex.

Director: Iyabo Boyd