Zeki Müren Hotline

Zeki Müren Hotline is a cross-platform documentary that collects and curates people’s messages about Turkey’s beloved queer pop star through a simple telephone line and an interactive web experience. Callers participate in a collective meditation on and around Müren, often expressing nostalgia for the deceased icon and Turkey’s bygone days. Since its launch in 2016, more than 800 messages have been left to the hotline. The interactive web experience features a selection from these messages and provides a unique repository for Turkey’s collective memory and cultural history. Call 0212-988-0208 to leave your message! And stay tuned for www.zekimurenhotline.com.

Modern Turkey’s first pop star Zeki Müren died in 1996 on live television, devastating millions of fans all over the country. Ninety thousand people, from all walks of life, attended his state funeral in national mourning. Müren—who emerged as a radio star in 1951; recorded hundreds of albums and singles; played lovers of women in cinema; proved himself as the young Republic’s golden boy before transitioning into a queer nightclub star—is still considered the greatest Turkish vocalist of all time and his gender-bending performances remain unparalleled. He is remembered as a national hero worthy of the nickname ‘paşa’ (military general), the greatest vocalist of traditional Turkish Art Music, and an LGBTQ resistance icon, all at once. For the press sheet, visit this link.

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